betaGlucan Gerste

23.9. - 24.9.2014

ILU eV, 14558 Nuthetal, Arthur-Scheunert-Allee 40/41, Germany
Scientific Workshop on application of beta-glucan rich barley for generating new functional foods.
The Workshop will showcase applicability of a new beta-glucan rich winter barley bred for the first time in Germany, specifically aimed at the requirements of a healthy food barley.

This new genotype bred by Dieckmann Seeds in Germany, shows strong processing characteristics. Due to the so-called „waxy“ property the starch consists of 95% amylopectin and only 5% amylose, which makes this barley to be the first amylopectin-rich barley worldwide. This special starch profile results in a higher water bindig capacity and improved baking properties, similar to those of rye. More and more consumers all over Germany appreciate the new barley breads, because they are tasty, give a long feeling of satiety and keep fresh for several days.

Even if barley is not classified as "minor cereal", the practical applications in baked goods which will be performed at premises of ILU e.V. will offer the possibility to follow the success story of barley within the HealthyMinorCereals Project. Furthermore the Workshop will promote cross-sectorial interactions for future R&D collaborations.
Attachment:  einladung-und-anmeldung-fachtagung-betaglucan-gerste-2014.pdf [2.1 MB, pdf]