International Conference: Improving nutrient use efficiency in agriculture and reducing negative impacts of agriculture on the environment

22.5. - 23.5.2018 8:00

Prague, Czech Republic
Nikos Volakakis from Geokomi, Greece will present results from spelt cultivation field experiment conducted in semi-arid conditions of Crete
Poster presentation
Improving nutrient and water use efficiency in semi-arid cereal production systems; the effect of rainfall, supplementary irrigation, fertilizer type and variety on spelt yield

Authors: Wang J.1, Korkut R.1, Wood L. 1, Ashraa Kalee H.1, Rempelos L.1 Bilsborrow P.1, Leifert C.2,3 and Volakakis, N.4

1 School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK
2 Centre for Organics Research, Southern Cross University, Military Rd., Lismore, NSW, Australia
3 Department of Clinical Medicine, Department of Nutrition, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Sognsvannsveien 9, Domus Medica 0372, Oslo, Norway
4 Geokomi plc, Sivas-Festos, Crete, Greece;

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