The Estonian Crop Research Institute (ETKI) presents a video showing their involvement in the HealthyMinorCereals project.

Open Access Government 19

Nikolaos Volakakis of Geokomi plc and Leonidas Rempelos of Newcastle University present results from the experiments concerning low-input minor cereal production systems conducted in southern Crete, Greece
- published in Open Access Government edition 19

Open Access Government 18

Ismail Čakmak of Sabanci University sheds light on the nutritional quality of minor cereals and their importance in the human diet
- published in Open Access Government edition 18

Open Access Government 17

Bernadette Oehen and Martina Eiseltová from shares their thoughts on new markets for traditional cereal varieties
- published in Open Access Government edition 17

Minor cereals offer major promise for organic farming

HealthyMinorCereals project recently covered by CORDIS journalists

Science Impact publication

Science Impact has published an interview with Dagmar Janovská and the article "Improving diversity in cereals".

Press release - May 2017

HealthyMinorCereals project will be presented at the stakeholder workshop on Saturday 13 May starting at 10h at the Livadopa Field Research Station, Sivas Village, on Crete. Public and journalists are welcomed.
Jana Chrpová of the Crop Research Institute in Prague presents the potential of minor cereals for organic farming and their value in human nutrition.
Video by Profipress, June 2016

Press release - May 2016

Prior to the General Assembly meeting of the HealthyMinorCereals consortium in Potsdam, Germany, 10-11 May 2016
Martina Eiseltová and Dagmar Janovská of the Crop Research Institute in Prague present the project HealthyMinorCereals for Czech media
Autorka: Barbora Venclová / říjen 2013