Project Structure


WP1: Genomic characterisation and analysis of minor cereal accessions

WP1 deals with the genetic characterization of genetic resources for spelt and wild relatives (emmer, einkorn, Aegilops etc...... more

WP2: Phenotyping of minor cereals to determine the potential for developing new commercial varieties

Selected promising genotypes of oat, spelt and rye and their CWR will undergo phenotypic evaluation to be carried out at 6 locations in 5 countries..... more

WP3: Evaluation of biotic/abiotic stresses on minor cereals

Activities under WP3 will focus on the multi-season evaluation of genetically based resistance to biotic and abiotic stress (drought) in einkorn,..... more


WP4: Effect of agronomic management practices on the performance of minor cereals

The aim of WP4 is to investigate interactions of minor cereal genotypes (selected in WPs 1 and 2) with various agronomic management approaches in..... more

WP5: Effect of variety mixtures and intercropping on performance of minor cereals

WP5 will focus on identifying the effects of variety mixtures and legume intercrops on crop performance (yield, disease resistance and quality) using..... more


WP6: Optimising processing and product development strategies to optimize market potential

WP6 will focus on optimization of processing/ fortification strategies and new product development from selected minor cereal species...... more

WP7: Assessing nutritional content of minor cereals and their effects on human cell cultures

WP7 is focused on identifying and characterization of genotypes of oat, rye, spelt, einkorn and emmer with (i) very high and low concentrations of ..... more

WP8: Enhance the market prominence for minor cereals

WP8 applies a case study approach to carry out research on the economic potential of minor cereals and to propose recommendations how to increase the..... more


WP9: Demonstration activities

WP9 involves demonstration events of best agronomic practice to show innovative agronomic management systems to farmers and consultants in..... more

WP10: Dissemination and exploitation of project results, and management of intellectual property

HealthyMinorCereals project results will be of major interest for the European agri-food sector and the scientific community...... more


WP11: Scientific coordination

This WP is designed to monitor and evaluate scientific progress and timely completion of deliverables and milestones, manage research risks, and..... more

WP12: Administrative management

This WP is specifically designed to coordinate the project as a whole and accomplish all administrative, legal and financial tasks...... more