WP10: Dissemination and exploitation of project results, and management of intellectual property

HealthyMinorCereals project results will be of major interest for the European agri-food sector and the scientific community. A wide range of dissemination activities are designed to suit the target groups relevant for the project:

  • farmers: arable farmers, particularly those using organic/low input methods;
  • crop breeders;
  • food/feed industry: especially manufacturers of bakery and cereal products;
  • consumers: current and potential consumers of minor cereal-based products, who may benefit from increased choice and availability, and nutritional value;
  • researchers: research groups investigating cereal genetics, agronomy, mechanisms of nutrient accumulation, stress tolerance, cereals processing, and other aspects

Project results are to be disseminated via scientific publications, project leaflets and posters, at field days, trade events, open days at partners, and via media (newsletter, specialist journals, web site, videos and film).

Coordinator Martina Eiseltová,
Category SP SPD

Publicity and training materials for targeted workshops

Month of the completion: 36

International workshop on minor cereals

Month of the completion: 54

HealthyMinorCereals Dissemination pack

Month of the completion: 60

List of scientific publications published or in press or in preparation

Month of the completion: 60