WP2: Phenotyping of minor cereals to determine the potential for developing new commercial varieties

Selected promising genotypes of oat, spelt and rye and their CWR will undergo phenotypic evaluation to be carried out at 6 locations in 5 countries (Switzerland, Austria and Estonia: spelt; Czech Republic and Estonia: oats; Czech Republic and Estonia: rye, Czech Republic: CWR, Turkey: spelt, rye and oat). Identified genotypes of interest will be used for agronomy research, nutritional analysis and developing of processing/fortification strategies. WP2 will also initiate crossing of the most promising genotypes to eventually create new varieties of minor cereals.
Coordinator Heinrich Grausgruber,
Category SP SPA

Phenotypic characterisation of minor cereals

Month of the completion: 18

Analyses of the field trials phenotypic characterisation of minor cereals

Month of the completion: 30

Multivariate statistical analyses in relation to phenotypic evaluation

Month of the completion: 42

Crossbreeds of minor cereals generations F1, F2, BC1 and BC2

Month of the completion: 60