WP3: Evaluation of biotic/abiotic stresses on minor cereals

Activities under WP3 will focus on the multi-season evaluation of genetically based resistance to biotic and abiotic stress (drought) in einkorn, emmer, spelt and in rye and oats, in both field and controlled environment experiments. A range of relevant crop diseases are covered and promising genotypes will be available for further disease evaluation and optimisation of agronomic management in WPs 4 and 5. Drought resistance will be evaluated growing of selected species under/without irrigation in the Mediterranean region (Crete and Central Turkey).
Coordinator Jana Chrpová,
Category SP SPA

List of donors of resistance usable in breeding process

Month of the completion: 48

Report on efficacy of artificial inoculation in tests of rye resistance to M. nivale

Month of the completion: 48

Report on field experiments on supplementary irrigation for minor cereals in semi-arid regions

Month of the completion: 48

Final report evaluating of fungal diseases resistance/tolerance after 3 years of trials

Month of the completion: 60