WP6: Optimising processing and product development strategies to optimize market potential


WP6 will focus on optimization of processing/ fortification strategies and new product development from selected minor cereal species. The main objective is to define key technological grain (whole meal) parameters and their level in selected minor cereals (spelt, rye, oat)

  • for enhanced technological quality of final products (bread, breakfast cereals, pastries);
  • preparation of new products based on flour mixtures of different cereal species combining nutritional and technological advantages of individual components (e.g. spelt – rye or spelt - oat combinations); and
  • propose and verify technological procedures enabling stabilization or natural increase of nutritional value of final cereals products.
Coordinator János-István Petrusán,
Category SP SPC

Report on technological features of selected genotypes

Month of the completion: 24

Portfolio of key parameters for better processability

Month of the completion: 36

Pre-prototype food products from minor cereals

Month of the completion: 42

Report on optimized/ adapted standard processing technologies

Month of the completion: 48

Report on quality features of intermediary and final products

Month of the completion: 48