WP7: Assessing nutritional content of minor cereals and their effects on human cell cultures

WP7 is focused on identifying and characterization of genotypes of oat, rye, spelt, einkorn and emmer with (i) very high and low concentrations of selected micronutrients (e.g., Zn, Fe, Se) and bioactive compounds (e.g., beta-glucan, total fibers, phenolics, total antioxidant capacity) and (ii) high impact in preventing apoptotic cell death and oxidative cell damage in human cell cultures.
Coordinator Ismail Čakmak,
Category SP SPC

Dataset on grain concentration of mineral nutrients and total concentrations of fibres antioxidants and phenolics

Month of the completion: 36

Dataset on beta-glucan, alkylresorcinols, seleno-organic compounds, phytate, phytoesterol in selected genotypes

Month of the completion: 36

Dataset on cell biological effects of selected genotypes in human cell cultures

Month of the completion: 48

Leaflets about nutritional quality of minor cereals

Month of the completion: 54

List of oat, rye and spelt genotypes with superior nutritional properties

Month of the completion: 60

Correlation data on relationships between measured nutritional compounds

Month of the completion: 60