WP9: Demonstration activities

WP9 involves demonstration events of best agronomic practice to show innovative agronomic management systems to farmers and consultants in agriculture. Equally this WP will include technological trials for flour production with the aim to adapt the standard technologies to the needs of novel product prototypes (breakfast cereals, baked goods). Different techniques (high-rate fractionation, turbo mills, impact roller, pneumatic peeling, impact hulling, sifting, air separation, fine grain sifting) will be evaluated for flour production and comparison studies for quality throughput level and low-cost principles will be performed.
Coordinator Tomasz Lasocki,
Category SP SPD

Dataset of high yield flours with different fractions from minor cereals

Month of the completion: 38

Report on compliance of processes with Quality Assurance Systems

Month of the completion: 42

Report on adapted technological parameters

Month of the completion: 48

Final report on demonstration of best agronomic practice

Month of the completion: 60

User’s Manual for novel technologies developed

Month of the completion: 60